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  • What is the purpose of the FiberSafe™12 backup battery? >>
  • Where is the Fibersafe12 backup battery located? >>
  • What is the purpose of the iNID? >>
  • What is the purpose of the iNID Power Supply Unit (iPSU)? >>
  • How does the FiberSafe12 battery backup system work? >>
  • How can I tell if the iNID and the iPSU are working properly? >>
  • How do I monitor the FiberSafe12 backup battery and what should I look for? >>
Battery Recycling
FiberSafe™12 battery is a sealed, lead acid battery that must be properly recycled by law. Please be sure to dispose of your battery in an environmentally safe manner. There are several options for recycling your old battery.

Local Stores
Most retail stores that sell automotive lead acid batteries will accept other small, lead acid batteries for recycling. Many national chains also have recycling services.

EnerSys Battery Recycling Program
Our complete Battery Recycling Program makes it easy for you to help preserve our environment. Just email us at or call 1-800-EnerSys (1-800-363-7797) to reach the nearest authorized EnerSys representative in your area.

PRBA (Portable Battery Recharging Association)
The SSLA (small, sealed lead acid) Program from PRBA provides information on how you can recycle your battery.  For more information, call 202-719-4978 or email

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